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Quantum Physics: The Nodal Theory

Hector C. Parr


The behaviour of atomic and sub-atomic particles is well described by Quantum Theory, and scientists engaged in research in this field can use the theory to make predictions of quite remarkable accuracy. But any attempt to understand the philosophy underlying the theory leads to puzzling contradictions.

During the twentieth century, several physicists with a thorough understanding of the theory have tried to resolve these conceptual difficulties, but no proposed solution seems wholly satisfactory, and each contains elements which are barely credible.

This book examines the writings of some of these scientist-philosophers, and makes one more attempt to get to the root of the problem. The writer believes that a failure to understand the true nature of Time lies at the heart of the difficulties, and he makes one new suggestion, which he calls the Nodal Hypothesis, in an attempt to resolve them. The book shows that several deductions from this hypothesis agree well with observation, and it outlines the direction in which future research may be able to confirm that it is indeed a step in the right direction.

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