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Gardens and Greens

Hector C. Parr

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Many residents take pride in their gardens, which give pleasure to local inhabitants and visitors alike.

Romaldkirk has no fewer than three greens. High Green is dominated by a large oak tree. Among the houses bordering High Green is Rose Cottage, one of the village's prettiest, with an ivy-clad facade. The cylindrical structure built onto one side of the building is a bread-oven, suggesting that Rose Cottage was once the village bakery. High Green
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Middle Green
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Middle Green is also known as Monk's Square and is adjacent to the church.

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Beckwath and Romaldkirk Hall look towards each other across Low Green Romaldkirk Hall
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Within living memory two pumps provided the villagers' only water supply, and both are still standing today.

The stocks still stand on Middle Green, but neither pumps nor stocks are much used nowadays. Stocks
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The Village Pound is now overgrown, but the gate-posts and part of the wall can still be seen. Pound plaque
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© Hector C. Parr (2005)

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