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Hector C. Parr

There are five small reservoirs within a few miles of Romaldkirk. Many people regret that the construction of such reservoirs defaces the natural scenery, but these new lakes are not unattractive in themselves, and they do offer facilities to water sports enthusiasts and anglers which would not otherwise be available. Northumbrian Water takes seriously its environmental responsibilities, and has established here several Nature Reserves, giving visitors an excellent opportunity to view plants, animals and birds in a natural environment. For more information concerning the facilities at each of the five reservoirs, contact the Recreation and Conservation Department of Northumbrian Water, at Abbey Road, Pity Me, County Durham DH1 5FJ.

The names of the reservoirs, and the amenities they offer, are as follows. Click on the name of each reservoir to find out more

ReservoirSwimmingFishingSailingWater Ski-ingNature Reserve
SelsetNoYesNo NoNo
GrassholmeNoYes YesNoYes
BalderheadNoYes NoYesNo
BlacktonNoYes NoNoYes
HuryNoYes NoNoNo

(c) Hector C. Parr (2000)

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